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M365 Changelog: Visio trial for Microsoft 365 users

Rabia Noureen


MC486329 – The self-service trial (MC306669, December 2021) was rolled out for Microsoft 365 customers to try out Visio. Starting early January 2023, Microsoft 365 users will also be able to start a Visio trial from the web app.

Note: These trial capabilities will be available worldwide except for India. They are not available for Education or Government customers.

How this will affect your organization:

Microsoft 365 users will see an option to sign up for a Visio trial from the Visio web app (aka, Visio in Microsoft 365) using their AAD account. To complete sign up for the trial, the user will be prompted to provide payment details. You will be able to take over a self-service license to consolidate billing if needed.

Global or billing admins can use the same self-service purchase controls to disable self-service trials while making use of subscription management capabilities to oversee and manage trial licenses on the License page in the Billing section of Microsoft 365 admin center. If admins have previously disabled the self-service purchase functionality for Visio, self-service trial sign-ups will automatically allow users to request licenses directly from the admin. To view license requests, go to the Billing > Licenses page, then select the Requests tab.

What you need to do to prepare

No action is required. You can view self-service trial licenses in the Microsoft 365 admin center by going to Billing > Your Products page. Click on the filter icon, then choose Self-service.

Discover more on how to manage self-service licenses, including consolidating billing and disabling self-service trials in your organization:

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