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M365 Changelog: Teams devices – cancellation of operations that are unable to execute

Rabia Noureen


MC361288 – Note: This message applies to you if anyone in your organization is using Teams admin center to manage Teams devices.

We’re making some changes to how commands/operations for Teams devices are handled on the Teams admin center. Once implemented, operations, that have been queued but have not been able to start execution within 7 days of creation, will be automatically cancelled.

When this will happen:

Microsoft will make this change in late April and expect to complete by early May.

How this will affect your organization:

Teams administrators will find that the operations that they submit/create for Teams devices will no longer get indefinitely queued, when this change is implemented. Currently, whenever an operation is created/submitted, it goes into the Queued state before it is picked up for execution. Additionally, if the device is offline, the operation stays in the Queued state until the device comes back online.

With this change, the operation that is in a Queued state, will stay that way only for a maximum of 7 days. After that time-period has elapsed, the operation will automatically be terminated without execution and marked Cancelled. Administrators can re-submit the operation after this, if they wish to try again.

This is being done to simplify the operation flow for devices and improve the predictability for them.

Operation here refers to the following actions –

  •  Software update
  •  Restart
  •  Download device logs
  •  Configuration update (update of settings or assignment of configuration profiles)
  •  Sign-in users from the Teams admin center
  •  Sign-out from the Teams admin center

What you need to do to prepare:

When this change takes effect, you will need not need to do anything. This change will get implemented automatically. There will be no impact on the operation flow experience on the Teams admin center. 

If the administrators already have operations in the Queued state for more than 7 days when this change comes into effect, those operations will get Cancelled immediately. If the operations have already been in the Queued state, but for less than 7 days, they will get Cancelled as soon as the time-period elapses.

All the operations created after this change is rolled out, will follow the same condition.

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