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M365 Changelog: Microsoft Bookings – Mobile Apps will not be available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store from 01/31/2023

Rabia Noureen


MC485091 – Microsoft Bookings is part of Microsoft 365 suite of products and is available through most commercial SKUs. It is currently available on the Web – Microsoft Bookings, as a Teams App and also on Mobile Apps on Google Playstore and Apple App store.

Bookings will continue to exist on the web and as an App on Teams and there won’t be any loss of data for existing users.

When this will happen:

January 31, 2023

How this will affect your organization:

If your organization has users who use the Bookings Mobile Apps:

Microsoft initially communicated the app removal date of 11/30, which the company has extended by 2 months. After January 31, the Bookings Mobile Apps on Google Playstore and Apple App store will no longer be available for download. Any new user who is searching for the Bookings App will not be able to find or install the Apps.

Any existing user (who already has the App installed), will be able to continue to use the App but will not receive any support or updates.

Users who want to access Bookings on their mobile devices are recommended to access Bookings web page ( through their mobile browser from 02/01 onwards.

If your organization does not have users who use the Mobile Apps:

There is no impact or loss of data.

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