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M365 Changelog: Feature Update: Rename Add to OneDrive Shortcuts in OneDrive Web

Rabia Noureen


MC380944 – Updated May 19, 2022: Microsoft has updated the message with additional content for clarity.

Microsoft has added the ability to rename shortcuts you’ve added using the “Add to OneDrive” feature within OneDrive web.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93279

When this will happen:

  • Targeted release: beginning in early June expect to complete by mid June.
  • Standard/GCC/GCC-High/DoD release: beginning in early June expect to complete by mid June.

How this will affect your organization:

End users will be able to rename a shortcut within their OneDrive. An end user can rename the shortcut by selecting the shortcut and clicking the “Rename” command in the command bar or the context menu. When they rename the shortcut, the name change will be only reflected for the shortcut as opposed to at the shortcut’s source. The shortcut’s new name will be updated across all endpoints and products where the shortcut is shown. 

Below is an image of the experience when renaming a shortcut in OneDrive:

Updated shortcut visibility
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This change applies to folder shortcuts which have been added using the “Add to OneDrive” feature as opposed to Windows shortcuts. These folder shortcuts can be differentiated by the folder icon and the owner information visible in the Sharing column. 

An example of a folder shortcut is shown below:

Folder shortcut
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What you need to do to prepare:

You may consider updating your training and documentation as appropriate.

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