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M365 Changelog: Configuration Change - Disabling auto provisioning of Wiki with new channel creation

Rabia Noureen


MC399867 – Microsoft is making some changes to Wiki experience in Teams- channels. At present whenever a new private or standard channel is created then a Wiki is automatically provisioned for the channel and added as a tab in channels.

Starting in August 2022, Microsoft is not going to provision wiki by default when a new private or standard channel is created. Users can add new wikis as tabs in channels from the channel store as and when needed, there is no impact on existing wikis that are already available.

When this will happen:

Mid-August 2022

How this affects your organization:

Once this change is implemented, users will no longer see Wikis created by default when they create a new channel. If users would like to utilize wiki’s they can be added from the channel store as needed.

What you need to do to prepare:

If there is automation that runs on wiki when a new channel is created, it will need to be revised to address this change. Additionally, you may consider updating any training and documentation as appropriate.

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