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M365 Changelog: Changes to the Power BI service simpler navigation and improvements to lists on Home

Rabia Noureen


MC376707 – Microsoft is making changes to the Power BI service to provide simpler navigation, improvements to lists on Home, and style updates. To simplify navigation, Microsoft is introducing a new navigation link called Browse and merging FavoritesRecent, and Shared with me navigation links under Browse. Additionally, it’s easier than ever to find content in these lists with a new experience for filtering by keyword, content type, time, and owner.

When this will happen:

Microsoft will begin rolling this out in early June and expect to complete by mid-June.

How this will affect your organization:

The new Browse page simplifies the left navigation and merges the following navigation links into one page: FavoritesRecent, and Shared with me

Your users visiting the Power BI service will have a different navigation experience, but no functionality will be removed, only simplified and improved.

In addition to the Browse page addition, Microsoft has improved lists on Home. All content for RecentFavorites, and My Apps are listed on Home expanding beyond the current view of 12 items per list. Plus, we’ve added the ability to filter by keyword and filtering by content type, time, and owner – previously found on full page lists only.

No functionality will be removed from the Power BI service. Though your users accustomed to clicking the left navigation to visit Favorites, Recent, and Shared with me will now need to visit Browse or open Favorites and Recent from lists on Home.

What you need to do to prepare:

After release, any internal documentation, knowledge base info, or training material you manage for your users may need to be updated given these changes.

Please look for more information on the Power BI blog for more information and screenshots to reference. 

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