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M365 Changelog: Announcing SharePoint Sites Coverage in Search Usage Analytics

Rabia Noureen


MC485625 – Microsoft is pleased to announce that SharePoint sites are now included in Usage Analytics in the Microsoft 365 Search & Intelligence Admin Center.

When this will happen:

Rollout has already begun and is expected to be available globally by late December 2022. Most tenants will see SharePoint sites data being included already and their first full month of reporting for December 2022.

How this will affect your organization:

You may want to see usage analytics and gain insights from queries from your SharePoint based intranet and other hub and communication sites. SharePoint modern and classic sites coverage is now available through the new ‘Search Application: SharePoint Sites‘ filter option which allows you to drill down and see the contribution SharePoint site queries has to the overall search traffic. On the ‘Query analytics‘ page, you can now see the top queries, abandoned queries and 0-result queries also for queries performed in SharePoint sites, and use the same filter to get insights for SharePoint sites specifically.

SharePoint sites include both classic and modern SharePoint queries, and cover the following SharePoint sources in this release:

  • Hub sites modern
  • Communication sites modern
  • Team sites modern
  • Enterprise search center classic
  • Basic search center classic
  • Site search center classic

What you need to do to prepare:

This capability is an extension to existing sources and functionality and will be added automatically. No preparation is needed, and the existing filters and reports will not be affected because of this change.

To learn more visit:

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