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M365 Changelog: Announcing Public Preview of Storyline for Yammer and Microsoft Viva Engage

Rabia Noureen


MC428510 – Storyline is a new way for people to share, connect, and contribute to their organization through Yammer and the Viva Engage app. Previously, the only way to share broadly through Yammer was through communities, but communities aren’t always a perfect fit for what people want to share. In some cases, there may not be a community that matches the subject the person wants to discuss. In other cases, the community’s audience may be too broad, or not broad enough.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93407 

When this will happen: 

Microsoft will begin rolling out the preview feature in early September and expect it to be available to all eligible tenants by mid-September.

How this will affect your organization: 

During public preview, storyline is opt-in, so there will be no immediate impact on your tenant unless you enable storyline in your Yammer network. 

Storyline will be defaulted on when it reaches general availability. As part of this update, Microsoft is providing separate controls for both the public preview and general availability milestones for storyline. 

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Note: Storyline is supported only in Yammer enterprise networks that enforce Office 365 identity. 

What you need to do to prepare: 

To enable storyline in your tenant during public preview, and/or update your preferred storyline at general availability, begin by clicking the Manage storyline link that is behind the gear icon on, or behind the ellipsis in the global header for the Viva Engage app in Teams or Outlook. Once there, you will see two toggles for enabling storyline within your organization. 

Enable public preview of storyline: This toggle is defaulted to the OFF position. Select this option if you would like to turn storyline on for your organization during public preview. This toggle has no impact on your storyline state at general availability, and it will be removed once storyline reaches general availability. 

Enable storyline when it reaches general availability: This toggle is defaulted in the ON position, which means storyline will become available to your users when the feature has been fully released. This control is independent of the public preview control, so that customers can choose whether or not to automatically enable storyline regardless of their usage of storyline in public preview. 

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