This utility is designed to run in the login script and execute batch files (or any other executable file) if the user is a member of the specified OU.
Requirements: Windows 2000/2003 domain.
If using a Windows 9X or Windows NT4 client computers, make sure the client has Active Directory Client Extension installed. Read Active Directory Client (dsclient) for Win98/NT for more info.
Current version: 1.1
Version highlights: This new version also supports computer names. You can include a computer name in the /u parameter instead of a user name. See the below samples.


Download (7kb)
You need to extract the tool/script found in the downloaded file by using WinZip or similar.


​InOU /o  [/b ] [/u ]

Note: When specifying a computer account name with the /u switch, add a $ sign to the computer name.

​InOU /o users /u'asafg /b ''filesrv'batchfiles'test1.bat

This sample will execute ”filesrv’batchfiles’test1.bat if asafg is a member of the users OU.

​InOU /o domain controllers /u'computer1$ /b ''filesrv'batchfiles'c.bat

This sample will executer ”filesrv’batchfiles’c.bat if the computer account computer1 resides in the domain controllers OU.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Place InOU.exe in your system path folders.
  2. Create a batch file for each of the desired OU’s. Name each file exactly as the name of the OU.
  3. Copy the InOU.exe file to the NETLOGON share.
  4. Enter the following line for each of the desired OU’s in the logon script: ”<your domain name>’NETLOGON’InOU.exe /o <OU Name>


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