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Internet Explorer 7 Crashes when Posting Messages in OWA 2003

Daniel Petri


We all love Outlook Web Access (OWA) in Exchange Server 2003. However when using Internet Explorer 7 (if you still don’t have it read Download IE7) to browse to OWA 2003 we’ve encountered a nasty problem:

You compose a new message:

You click on Send, and boom:

Microsoft has acknowledges this to be a problem (read MS KB 924334 for more info) and has posted a hotfix that needs to be installed on the Exchange servers.
Download the hotfix right here: Update for Exchange Server 2003 SP2 (KB 924334) (2.8mb)
Note: During the installation of this hotfix the Exchange Information Store service will be stopped and re-started, therefore plan for a couple of minutes of downtime for your mailboxes.
Important note about using Front-End and Back-End servers: If you have a FE/BE setup you MUST install this hotfix on all Front-End servers BEFORE installing it on the Back-End servers. Otherwise you might have issues with OWA (thank you Guy Teverovsky for this input).
After installing the hotfix on the server you must uninstall the S/MIME control from any computer that’s using IE7, and reinstall the new S/MIME control from the server.
In order to remove the S/MIME control use Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel.
After removing the old S/MIME control, use OWA’s Options screen to install it again (this time it’ll be the new version):

When you’ll look at the Add/Remove Programs applet (and on the Exchange server in the Exchweb folder) you’ll see you’ve got a new version:

Note: Microsoft has released a new version of this hotfix – see updated download link below. After installing the new version you will see a new version number in the Add/Remove Programs applet:

Users should now remove the older hotfix and re-install the new one.

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The Compose Message form stops responding after you install Internet Explorer 7.0 and the S/MIME control on an Outlook Web Access client in Exchange Server 2003 – 924334
Download details: Update for Exchange Server 2003 SP2 (KB 924334) (2.8mb)
MS Exchange Blog : IE7, OWA and S/MIME

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