Internet Explorer 7 causes Exchange System Manager (ESM) to crash when I try to open Help

One of the issues we discovered with Internet Explorer 7 was that it did not have full compatibility with various administrative tools or appliances. Many of these issues might cause you to lose full or partial control over the way some of your appliances work. Thats why I recommend NOT TO INSTALL IE7 on server machines, not yet anyway.
Some if these “issues”  were fixed by Microsoft as can be seen in the Internet Explorer 7 Crashes when Posting Messages in OWA 2003 article, but others still exist.
One of administrative tools that crash when accessed from a computer that has IE7 installed on is the Exchange 2007 System Manager (ESM).
In order to test this “issue” of IE7 and ESM, open ESM on a computer that has IE7 on it.
Click the Help icon, press F1, or click on the Help menu option.

You might also get the following error when expanding the administrative groups node:
Exchange System Manager: The operation completed successfully. Facility: Win32 ID no: c0070000
If you open the Event Viewer you will see an Event ID 1000 (source: Microsoft Exchange Server) displayed:

app: contentfilter.dll; module hhctrl.ocx; address 0x00013368 app: maildsmx.dll; module unknown; address 0x00d2e6b1 app: exadmin.dll; module unknown; address 0x00d0fd11 (varies)
One way to fix this issue is to uninstall IE7.
Another supported method is by following the next steps and remove the PSAPI.DLL from the Exchsrvr\bin subdirectory:

  1. Stop the Exchange System Attendant Service
  2. Stop the IIS Admin Service
  3. Open a Command Prompt rename the PSAPI.DLL in the exchsrvr\bin directory. to PSAPI.DLL.OLD
  4. Restart the Exchange and IIS services.

We should see the solution popup in KB 932513 once its published.