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    Hi all,

    Did a search around and could find the right answer.

    Is it possible to have server hosting server 2008 running on a 64-bit and then installing server 2003 on a vertual server running at 32-bit hosting our all our tax software and a full SQL 2005 server and on the other virtual server to run server 2008 64 bit hosing exchange 2007? Tax accountant near me – firm CPA.

    Is that possible from sofware and hardware point? I guss we will need a “good server?

    we are 55 users in the office so our enviroment as far as exchange the SQL consider mid siz as the type of work we do ( we are accountants) we will have 45 poeple working and connecting to the SQL server lots of read and write.

    Thank you

    how was the issue resolved?

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    in reply to: 2008 R2 RemoteApp Display Problem #655275

    and what was the problem?

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    in reply to: Moving the roaming profiles storage location #654993

    I need to change the storage location of users roaming profiles. They currently reside for instance on \server1usersprofiles and I need to move them to \server2usersprofiles
    Am I correct in thinking that a simple move (accomplished by getting NTBackup to copy the folders and restoring them to a different location) and a redirect from the AD account properties will NOT work?
    I have a feeling that there is a reg key involved somewhere that tells the account where to look for its profile info. I have searched for some documentation on this issue but it seems impossible to find any sort of comprehensive answer. Does anyone have any suggestions/experience of this?


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    <span lang="en">How did you solve the issue?</span>


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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