XP w/SP2 dropping hidden share drive mapping.

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    Hello all,

    I’m a new forum member and somewhat new to XP/2003.

    My issue is with some XP workstations on a flat, non-congested LAN that just recently came under my care. One of the drive mappings our clients receive is to a hidden share. This mapping will randomly disappear for no reason that I can see except for a period of inactivity on the mapping. I’m not positive that this issue is localized to SP2, but that seems to be the case.

    I’m by no means an expert with XP/Server 2003, so it quite likely I’m overlooking something quite simple. Can anyone suggest where I should first start looking for perhaps a mis-configuration, or maybe a quick incantation I can recite? Any help is most appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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