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XP PRO sp2 not showing 4gb & external drive issues

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    hello all,
    i searched the forums for an answer but did not see anything along the lines of a fix for my issues and i will post them below. if an answer exists and i’ve missed it please link me to it.
    here we go…

    i’ve got a couple of problems going on that i can’t quite solve. thought i’d borrow some knowledge from the geekier than me peeps.

    i’ve got a new MoBo ASUS- m2n-mx se. it only has 2 memory slots
    got 2 2gb sticks in there –
    bios reads all 4 gb of ram
    xp sp2 reads a solid 3gb

    i read online and it says that if the /noexecute=optin is in the boot.ini then that implies the /pae option meaning the physical address extention is on. but i took noexecute out and put /pae just to see if it would make a difference. still 3 gbs. any thoughts on this would be helpful

    2nd problem.

    i’ve got a 250 gb sata drive that is in an Sata-usb2.0 enclosure. it worked fine when i connected it to the pc but now everytime i restart my pc i have to go in disk management and “reactivate” the disk. once i do that it assigns a drive letter and off we go again. this i’m at a complete loss and have never come across before. help pweeze.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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