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    I’ve read all of the documents on what you guys offer on this and I’m afraid to use the repairing OS method (which seems to be the only method I could pull off).

    The thing is I forgot the password to the user account, which was also an admin account. I’ve booted up to safe mode and doing the ctrl alt delete thing, people have suggested, that doesn’t work, no window pops up.

    I’m out of things to try. If anyone could recommend something that gaurentees I wont lose the files on the harddrive, I’d appreciate it very much. These files are pretty important to me and I’d like to keep them, if that’s still an option..

    Oh yeah, I dont know if this helps, but I remember disabling secondary login and the blue welcome windows screen. So what I see is basically a box that says Log On To Windows with my name and password.

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