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    Long story short..

    Was having issues with an HP laptop that came preinstalled with WXP Home Edition, finally decided to just boot to the CD and do a repair. Well, that went fine, but when that completed it wanted to go through the product activation process again. For some reason the network card wasn’t picking up an address (maybe driver didn’t get installed – I don’t know, I couldn’t log in to troubleshoot!!). So I wasn’t able to activate over the Internet. So it shoots me to the login screen, the new XP style login screen where you have the pretty little icon next to the user’s name and Administrator is not listed as an option. I always logged in as administrator before. I forgot the password to the other user account. So I tried to log in under Safe Mode as Administrator, and it rejected me saying I had 0 days left to activate the product, it had to be activated before I could log in, and that the Activation Wizard would not run under safe mode.

    I tried to use the Offline Windows Password and Registry Editor tool to change the password on the other user account but it didn’t change anything. So I either need to find a way to make the logon screen the classic dialog box with username and password, or change that other user account’s password so I cal log in using the XP login interface. I can’t log in to make these changes because it’s requiring activation before I can run any Windows apps.

    Am I missing something here? Any suggestions?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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