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    Hi guys. Hope you can help.I have recently re-installed our domain controller (MS 2003 server R2) and re-joined all our workstation pc’s (XP Pro SP3) I also fixed the user’s old profile to accomodate the new account(created when rejoined)by renaming the old profile to the new profile. So the users don’t see any difference on their profiles.My domain controller’s name is still the same as the previous installation name. My user’s account names are also exactly the same (except that none have passwords currently).I use offline file caching and redirect the user’s My documents path to a mapped drive that points to my domain controller.Every often a user will call me, saying that his computer popped up the message working offline and directly afterwards it pops up again showing that the mapping is ready for re-connection.In that period, whilst not reconnected, I can ping the server’s IP address. Browse it via the IP address and browse it via the FQDN (servername.domain_Name.local) But not the standard domaincontroller name (\servername).Even the other mappings pointing to the DC which does not make use of offline file caching does the same as the documents mapping. When I map the FQDN name instead, after a while it also pops up saying that its working offline and after that states “ready for connection” and then before reconnecting I can browse the server using the standard domain server name and IP but not the FQDN.

    I also have another server which is a member of the domain, and that server’s mappings open up fine. The Domain Controller’s mappings open but shows a blank white screen. Until I instruct the XP to reconnect and re-synchronize. Then everything is fine. What I have done.
    1.) Gave static IP (using DHCP)
    2.) re-initialized the offline cache using shift + delete
    3.) Deleted all the content in the hidden CSC folder and re-implemented offline caching
    4.) Gave the account exactly the same password as prior to the DC reinstallation, for whatever thats worth
    5.) Uninstalled and reinstalled the “Client for microsoft networks” module under NIC properties.
    6.) Checked the network stability and connections are good and constant

    When I installed the DC the second time, I did not setup the Role: WINS (doubt that this is a factor)

    Kindly note that other pc’s (about 30%) do not have this problem and also new XP PC installations are also fine. I seriously don’t want to reinstall 70% of my pc’s !
    thanks guys. Much appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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