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    I had worked a bit on the WSUS.
    The tool is definitely giving me some level of confidence in ensuring the patches are despatched into the environment.

    However I have few queries that hope the community could assist.

    1 – WSUS reports

    WSUS does generate some useful reports. However to put the report creation in a schedular will cause many reports to be generated.

    In order to housekeep the reports, how could I set / configure to remove old reports automatically instead of keeping the older reports.

    Are there any utility or scripts to delete old files automatically?

    2 – Customise message

    We know there are some patches does require the system to be restart. Is there a way to put in customise message to inform user about the restart on top of the existing default message.

    Had managed to set the restart message to prompt at a 24 hours interval. But the user would like to have a customise message to prompt user to restart the machine. Is it impossible ?

    Hope to hear from the community soon.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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