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  • Deniro

    Hi guys,

    here is my problem(s)

    i had SUS runing on a small enviroment with 2 servers both 2003 runing in domain mode 1 dc 1 member server as exchange and 10 pc clients nowin the test envirometn which is an exact mirror of the live enviroment i have the same setup so i decided to try Wsus out but i seem to have problems with the Wsus services when i install it it seems to not create the Selfupdate tree Vr in the iis manger and i have to create it manually or i get a selfupdate error in the Wsusadmin web page ?
    so if i create it it then works but my client machines which used to point to sus via group policy do not seem to update.

    anyone else had any troubles with this new version of software update services ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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