WSUS on Server 2008

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    I have a 2008 server configured with WSUS. I have a number of Windows 7 clients that will not check in and these clients report the Last Status as “Not yet reported.” I have found documentation that indicates the reason for this is due to a version mismatch between the client and Update Services; if the client is running 3.2.7600.256 then Update Services must be at least 3.2.7600.251 to allow connectivity. I have applied KB2734608 and KB2828185 to the 2008 server, which should have brought Update Services to .262. If I click on the server name in the Update Services console and check the server version it does reflect 3.2.7600.262. However, if I click Help | About Update Services… it reports the version as 3.2.7600.226! Has anyone seen this issue, and/or have any idea how to get past it? The updated clients (.256) still will not check in so I have to assume the Update Services are still at .226.
    I have attached PNG files of the Server Version and Help | About. Any assistance is appreciated.

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