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wscript launch exe file spaces in path

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    Ive looked around the net for this but nothing thus far works. I have zero knowledge of vbs

    I want to execute a bat file via a small vbs script, idea is to launch the bat invisibly, this has worked perfectly. I’m launching this command from powershell, remote execution tool launches the vbs command.

    -k (Command to run)

    & .owexec.exe -c “computer1” -u “contosovader” -k “wscript.exe C:UsersPublicRecorded TVJK3.vbs C:UsersPublicRecorded TVTest-wscript.bat”

    The space in the Recorded TV section of the file name is the blocker here.

    Error: There is no file extension with “c:usersrecorded”,

    The articles Ive read mention using triple quotes “”” Ive tried numerous different combinations but nothing works, So difficult to deal with a simple thing such as a space

    Any ideas ?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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