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    I’m a little bit fuzzy on this subject, so I thought I’d ask the experts.

    It was my understanding that when a PC on a Windows 2003 network boots up, that it is recognized by WINS on the server, and is subsequently listed as one of the available PCs when you browse to the local domain under MyNetwork Places.

    This isn’t happening for some of my PCs. They seem invisible, which makes it difficult to install certain applications remotely, like the Symantec Anti-Virus client.

    For example, if I open Windows Explorer, got to My Network Places, then Microsoft Windows Network, then the domain – I see two of my 3 servers listed under the domain and a few of the workstations, but I do not see all of the workstations and one of the servers is also “missing in action.”

    To start with the basics, which you would naturally question if I checked it already, YES the PCs and the server are powered up and on the network. I can ping the missing server and workstations by name and get good replies. I have WINS installed and running on the SBS server. I have DNS installed and running on the SBS server. The missing server and workstations DO appear in the Active Registrations of WINS with the correct IP addresses, and they show up correctly under the Forward Lookup Zones in the domain.local section, also with the correct IP addresses.

    In DHCP I have the correct entry for the local DNS Server and Domain Name, and the correct IP for the WINS server. I have set the WINS/NBT Node Type to 0x8.

    All of the servers and workstations are on a simple class C network (subnet mask of and on the same local switch. I have no problems or complications like different networks, routers, and so forth.

    So – anybody got any idea what I am doing wrong? Can anybody tell me how Windows is supposed to get the list of workstations and servers on the network? How is it supposed to work?

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