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    I have a most frustrating problem with file sharing on a home network. I have several computors mostly running either Windows XP pro and home edition. On one machine, the one I use for broadband internet access I have a problem in that all other members of the workgroup are denied access to the shares.

    I have tried simple file sharing and level 5 file sharing. On the offending machine I can see open sesions on the computer management console but still access is denied (can’t even view the folders).

    To date I have deinstalled Norton internet security, reinstalled windows all to no avail. To my knowledge, it has never worked on this machine. Origionally it ran windows xp home but was recently upgraded to professional.

    I have checked all microsoft help pages and checked and rechecked all settings. I feel that there is a problem with the registry but this is just a gut feel

    I would greatly appreciate any advice or help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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