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    In Vista, I have this shortcut of Word 2003 in my “Most Frequently Used
    Applications”, the area that resides just above the “Start” pearl (but under
    the dividing line of “Pinned Applications”).
    This shortcut, if sits in the MFUA area never starts its application.
    If I left-click on it to pin it to PA area, also never starts its
    application when there.
    However, if I drag it anywhere else on the computer, from the desktop to the
    C drive and any place in between, the moment I double click on it triggers
    its application without any problems.
    The weirdest thing!!!
    I think that I read somewhere that if you had another version of Office, got
    rid of it and installed another version of Office something goes wrong with
    the shortcuts in the MFUA and PA areas.
    But I got rid of Office XP by completely formatting the drive and
    reinstalling VISTA and Office 2003 freshly, so should’ve not been any
    reminiscence of an old Office there. Is this a known issue?
    Drives me nuts because every time I need Word, I tend to go into All
    Programs, find Office, find Word and use the shortcut that lives there!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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