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    I have an interesting problem.

    Backup won’t backup the system state. I checked the Event logs and the only thing I could find is problems with WMI.

    I checked MS website and did the steps of ‘WMI isn’t working’, I even used the WMIDiag script. The root namespaceis corrupt/not existent. I did the rundll32 RepaiWMI etc and the repository gets rebuild… or attempts to but it fails continuously because the root namespace doesn’t get created and thus no other namespaces can get created on top of that.

    How do I uninstall and then reinstall WMI from the CD. I am using Server 2003 Standard. I don’t know which files to copy back onto the HDD into the WBEM folder. Is it simply finding the right .MOF file to recreate the root namesapace?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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