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    There is an office here with about six users in it. Most are running Windows XP Pro.

    The office was running a dial-up connection until a couple of weeks ago until they finally got broadband installed. So instead of getting ethernet points around this office – they chose the wireless option. Everthing is good – except one user has a problem – lets call him “Jim”. Jim has a desktop and a laptop which are networked
    together using a patch cabel.

    Some users in the office – when they go to “network places” can see all of Jim’s files appear. Although they cannot open them – Jim is very very concerned – that some users might be able to access his confidential information. Here are the facts:

    – there is one wireless router for the whole office
    – this is not connected to his PC – he just is connected to it wirelessly for the
    purposes of internet

    How do I secure his files – while at the same time allowing fileshare between his desktop and laptop?

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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