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Wireless Issues

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    I set some Cisco Wireless Access Points (AP) up a while back and we appear to be having some issues every morning connecting.

    You can see the network fine & connect to the SSID but you then get “Limited Connectivity” against the wireless name.

    Rebooting the AP appears to reset the settings & you can then connect to the network without any issues.

    The AP’s are on static IPs


    They forward all traffic to the DHCP server which is 192.168.0.x

    After thinking this was DHCP related I spend a load of time trying to work it out.

    After a few weeks of thrashing this out with a colleague I realised that we had the exact same issue with another Wireless Linksys AP which I flashed with Tomato router firmware. Each morning it would give limited connectivity on the SSID until it was restarted.

    Interestingly enough the Linsys AP is our internet cafe wireless & is on a different vLAN with its own external IP to Cisco AP’s which are only used for business wireless.

    The Linksys AP has its own DHCP server and is set up to give out DHCP on 192.168.10.x so it makes me think its not DHCP related as we are using x2 DHCP systems which are independent of each other.

    From the symptoms I have the AP’s are basically losing connection to the network at some point in the night / early morning and they only way to get them working again is to physically reboot them. I tried setting an automated reboot up on the router admin page but this didn’t work.

    As a quick fix I put a plug timer on the internet cafe Linksys router so it physically switches the power off to the plug socket each morning at 06:00. The router then reboots & wireless connections are possible.

    As the Cisco AP’s are using POE so this isn’t possible. Its also unpractical to run a power cable to them as they are in the middle of the ceiling & the cat5 cable is about 50m long which comes from under the floor & up the walls.

    Does anyone have any suggestions why the issue might be or how to diagnose this? I checked the logs but there isn’t much in there about anything.

    Ive kinda hit a wall on this one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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