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    Greetings; Just a quick note on how much i appreciate the information provided on your website. Excellent job and Thanks. Problem…..I’m a newb in school working towards MCP cert carrying on into 70-290 this Monday. Been working on integrating my in home lab of 3 machines into Active directory. Need some help on setting up my server to work effectively with all 3 machines. I have a DI-614 wireless router that issues DHCP addresses and DNS for 1 desktop 1 server and a laptop. Currently the router access point is connected to my server with one Nic card connected by one lenghth of RJ-45. I have on many occasions DCPROMO’d my server and had the wizard configure my machine with the settings. Before running DCPROMO i have made a static IP address on the server and let it run its course of configurement. How do i integrate a wireless environment with AD? If I use NAT on my server and turn the computer into a router everything works fine i do not wish to do this. I can use a cross-connect cable and turn off my other nics this works but would rather not do that; If I leave it the way it is AD does not work as their is conflicts with the DHCP on the router. If I turn off DHCP on the router I loose wireless. Help…. I can live without integration but need some help setting this thing up. Please any input would be greatly appreciated thanks. :oops:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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