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    Here’s a nice random one. A laptop in our organisation cannot access port 80 as a destination port, full stop.
    This includes internal, or external. Includes IE, Firefox, and telnet. There are definitely no internal firewalls that would stop this, and we’ve disabled all the security centre and firewall software on the local machine.

    We’ve tried flicking between wireless and wired to see if that helps.
    we haven’t tried uninstalling IE, cause it doesn’t seem to be an IE Problem.
    There is nothing in the event logs to identify any problems at all, and communication to port 443 is not a problem.

    As a workaround I could push the traffic through the proxy, which is on port 8080, however this won’t help when the consultant goes home.

    Any ideas, maybe a reset of the TCP stack ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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