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    during GPO troubleshooting my colleague found bunch of LOCAL GPOs as winning in Resultant… (see screenshot).
    Our workstations park is W7. They are deployed from MDT2013. I created last image that was captured from clean Windows 7 Pro VM (installation source MS Volume License ISO).
    Sure that I didn’t touch Local GPOs before capturing. It was a virgin W7 install. The guy compared Resultant GPO for computers deployed from previous image and not seeing these winning Local GPOs. So he kind of blames :) my new image…
    I just took a quick look on winning GPO and see that they are actually doing good job from security perspective.
    The question:
    what could be the mistery of these Local GPOs? Were they coming from? Could they be predefined in Domain GPO that configures Local?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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