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    Greetings- COI Preppers…

    Short BIO: Industrial Automation- Legacy PLC; HMI; Cyber Forensics; Code Rescue and backup. It is MANDATORY that I maintain my old systems: PC DOS; MS DOS; WIN 95; WIN 98; W2K; XP PRO… I work on 286 thru 486 PC’s and old PLC’s which are obsolete. I can get and repair parts. The CONSUMER MARKET has NO regard for maintaining the existing infrastructure. We have industrial plants with machines and processes that REQUIRE IMMEDIATE repair for the sake of PRODUCTION. Perhaps if the global bankers would loosen the noose around our collective financial necks the industrial sector could upgrade to one of their newer toys. For now we MUST maintain what we have.

    With that said, I’m fighting an ongoing issue with a Panasonic CF-30 TOUGHBOOK regarding Windows XP-PRO-SP3. Some applications won’t install because of Install Shield or Windows Installer errors. I followed some of Bill Gates’ Tech net advice and rendered the system useless. Ran NFTS4DOS, CHKDSK, VipreRescue, and more… finally just did a restore point to get it back.

    I usually maintain all of my laptops, then get them to a reliable point of operation then clone the disk. It is NOT AN OPTION to do the usual RE-INSTALL. The re-install is not so bad, but it takes WEEKS to re-install all of the PLC; HMI; SERVO applications for Industrial Automation. With a CLONE it also transfers the licenses as well (most of the apps for PLC Programming have licenses and they are a pain to transfer: GE-FANUC; ALLEN BRADLEY/ROCKWELL; OMRON; MITSUBISHI; FUJI; SIEMENS; TELEMECANIQUE; SCHNEIDER; MODICON; HORNER; CUTLER HAMMER; EATON; PROFACE; UNITRONICS; EXOR; TEXAS INSTRUMENTS; TOTAL CONTROL-TCP; GE-PROFICY; FANUC-CNC; AUTOMATION DIRECT; EZPANEL; BEIJERS; IDEC; MAPLE SYSTEMS; REXROTH; UNIOP; CONTROL TECHNIQUES… and more and on and on…

    It is MUCH easier to clone the drive. FIRST I need to make sure the drive has everything I need. The problem with the Toughbook:

    I installed a new hard drive, with a slip stream XP-PRO, all the way to SP-3. I have installed MOST of the apps I use. Several months ago, before I was completely satisfied with all the apps I need, Install Shield started acting up, preventing SOME apps from installing. Then yesterday (02.21.2013) I got the error regarding the Windows Installer. I followed the instructions from Bill Gates etal and rendered the laptop unusable so had to invoke a restore point to 02.19.2013. The app I was trying to install is Red Lion Crimson 3.0, never a problem on any other machine, free software as well.

    I usually get the system to where I want then clone it, put the back up drive on the shelf for any unplanned events. In fact, with CME and EMP being a threat my backups will be in Faraday enclosures for COI (Continuity Of Industry). (If “THEY” can have their COG (Continuity Of Government) plans; bunkers; 4 Billion rounds; paper civilian targets, the least we can do in my industry is have plans to rebuild the industrial sector after any event.


    So, looking for other members with ideas regarding the Install Shield and Windows Installer errors. The Windows Update does not operate correctly either, so I have had to resort to downloading the Service Packs and Updates manually.

    I hope to also make some friends in the Cyber Forensics and Legacy Industrial Control Sector.

    Thanks in Advance,
    B’rone ben Y’kov
    the FORMER united states of America

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