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    My question concerns the SYSPREP command used in Windows XP.
    Couple of months back my brother bought a copy of the Windows XP Professional [Generic OEM] with SP2. After he installed it he ran sysprep using the command :

    sysprep -reseal -mini

    Now he is moving to another city so he formatted the HDD and tried to install the corp. version

    of XP we were using earlier. However, the corp version won’t install and gives errors :

    setup could not install drivers for diskdrive

    setup could not install drivers for CD-Rom

    Please contact your hardware vendor.

    But when he tried installing the OEM version again it installed everything just fine.

    The XP Corp. CD installs fine on another PC so the CD is not the issue.

    He also did a complete format of the c: partition.

    Does sysprep modify the BIOS ?

    He read somewhere that OEMs use sysprep to pre-activate XP so that the end-user does not have to activate XP.

    He had not removed the earlier XP corp installation when he installed the XP OEM and ran sysprep.
    Could that be the problem ?

    What needs to be done so that he can re-install XP corp.?

    Complete system specs are given below:

    1. ASUS CUBX-E mainboard w/Intel P-III 750Mhz + Windows XP Pro with SP2 [Generic OEM]
    2. 256MB PC-133 SDRAM
    3. 80GB Hitachi ATA-100 HDD (connected to onboard Promise ATA-100 controller) [has XP]
    4. 8.4GB Maxtor HDD (connected as secondary master) [NO OS Installed]
    5. LG 52x CDwriter-8572B (connected as secondary slave)
    6. ATI Radeon 7000 64MB AGP card
    7. Yamaha souncard (PCI slot 2; IRQ 10)
    8. Realtek 8139D based Lan card 10/100 (PCI slot 3; IRQ 12)
    9. Pctel modem (PCI slot 4; IRQ 5)
    10. Onboard Promise ATA-100 controller (IRQ 10)
    11. USB enabled (IRQ 5)

    PCI slots 1 & 5 are free. No ISA cards used.

    Lazzio Scarpa

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