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    Hi Forum,

    We just recently set up a new Lenovo Server and it has been working fantastic, however yesterday it completed some windows updates. (Only Important Updates) and when we rebooted it to complete this updates is came up with NO OS found error. What is happening is it seems like the OS has lost the Drivers to the RAID Array so it can not see the mirrored hard drives or any partitions etc.

    I started a Server 2012 installation and got to the point where you Load Drivers for the RAID and then it see’s all my original partitions, from here I can back out to “Repair your PC” so from this command prompt I tried to reinstall the drivers using PNPUtlil /a /i driver.inf which said it was successful in loading the drivers into the Driver Store but was unable to apply to any hardware.

    So what I think my underlying issue is, is that the server OS has lost (or they have been overwritten by windows update) the Drivers to load the see the raid, windows update is a suspect but I can not definitively say that caused this issue.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this with out rebuilding the entire OS? My concern is even if i do that and I have not determined why this has happened how can i prevent it from re-occurring.

    Thanks so much for any advice,


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