Windows server 2012 (SQL 2012) kinda froze on HP DL580G7 with no event entries

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    Hi Fellow geeks ,
    I’ve got my hand on a HP DL580G7 with 128GB of Ram – 2x Xeon E7 8837 2.67GHz – 5 SAS 146GB 15K – Windows 2012 Standard edition and a SQL server 2012 SP1 .
    Disk 1 of bay 1 and disk 1 of bay 2 are mirrored together and have OS installed in them .
    Disk 2 of bay 1 and disk 2 of bay 2 are mirrored and assigned two page file (system managed )
    there is another disk that is free and used as a temporary file storage .
    two Qlogic HBA with 4 Path provides 10 500 GB of storage from an EMC SAN .
    so it begins :
    everything is working good and normal .
    some XYZ application says the SQL is down . pinging the sql server sometimes came up with replys .
    after trying to connect to it from remote desktop it prompt for credentials and even (SOMETIMES) load the blue screen that says loading profiles and … but it stuck here .. with the cursor moving and the waiting circle circling , but nothing happens and it goes on .. until a manual reboot .
    after a reboot everything came back to normal but the most agonizing thing about it is that there not even a single event entities on event viewer . nothing in ILO events as well . no other sort of an error on HP system management as well .
    this happens from time to time . maybe today and tomorrow , maybe the next time it happens next week and even 40 days apart .
    there’s nothing to know why this happens .
    I’ve replaced the server with an aother server with the exact configuration but this happend two that one as well .
    You’re crying for me right ? wait .. there’s more .. I have two of these servers .
    yes by that i mean i’ve change two brand new servers with two other brand new servers . this happens to all of them .
    firmwares – drivers – hp application – sql and windows are all up to date and power option is set to high performance .
    I’m going crazy about this .
    Do anyone have any idea on what side this problem rests ? Do you have any Idea that if this is a problem with SQL or Windows Or even Hardware .
    please advise me to what course of action should I take ?
    after that how’s everyone opinion on that I install ESXi on these server and make it as dedicated host with all of it’s resource to service to only one VM (W2012-SQL2012) to use the HA and DRS capabilities .

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