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    Hello, we had a customer send us there computer after they did the following.

    first they were trying to remove some files and could not so they were going to do so in SafeMode. They used MSCONFIG to change the boot.ini to start in safe mode. Then when the PC booted in Safe Mode they could not get in because no one could recall the Administrator Password.

    So someone came up with the idea of running windows repair from the XP Pro disk. Not sure why. Well the Repair started running and as it is suppose to it rebooted the machine. However upon reboot you get the message Windows repair can not run in safemode system will reboot. You click ok and the never ending cycle begins.

    Any Ideas??????????

    We can still boot from the CD drive and A: drive if that helps anyone.

    There are a few critical files the customer needs to recover then we can reformat the drive or what ever.

    I would greatly appreciate the help. This one has us…………….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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