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    I have some questions about licensing Windows VMs within a VMWare cluster.

    1. With Enterprise and Datacentre editions of Windows 2008 R2 you can run one copy of Enterprise or Datacentre plus a number of standard edition virtual guest machines. I presume this is only for Hyper V installations, and not VMWare??

    2. We have been told by our software vendor that if we were to use VMware with Windows virtual guests, the guest Windows license only allows for one migration of a VM to another node in the cluster once every 90 days, and would therefore need 2 Windows licenses per VM. I’ve never heard of restrictions like this before – is this true? Is this the same for Hyper V too?

    3. We will be installing a SQL Server within a VM and have opted for a 1 processor license. We are now talking about putting 2 CPUs in each physical node. Do we need to upgrade the license for SQL server to a 2 processor license? Or as the virtual guest is only aware of CORES is this unnecessary? (Apologies if this is the wrong forum for a SQL question – will repost if necessary)

    Thanks in advance – I hope I’ve made some sort of sense!


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