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    I have to deploy 15 Thin clients. They need access to 1 site only – Intranet.
    They running Windows 7 Embedded Standard.
    I decided even not to join them to domain.

    1. Locked down my golden template box using local computer GPO.

    2. Captured the image using HP Device Manager (and local utility).

    3. After restore I have few shortcuts on task bar that where properly hidden with GPO and not appear in Golden template. Declared the problem to HP. 2 month no solution. As alternative tried Acronis Snap deploy that is capable to reinitialize the SID of target box. The same heck… So it looks like Windows behave…

    My question is not about troubleshooting the above problem.

    I captured the image of golden template box with Acronis. And deploy it on 14 Thins. Sure the boxes have unique names.
    I don’t see any problem if non domaine machines will be connected on the same network but want to ask forum opinion.
    There are big noise about changing SID utility that we all used during years.
    Mark Russinovich (SID change utility author) explains that it was unnecessary utility. And people saying that this was the only “cure” for connecting identically imaged machines on the same Domain.
    My situation is simpler the machines are not in the domain.

    Do you see any potential problem?

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