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Windows 8 to Win 8.1 Upgrade Key Issue

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    I was recently handed a very nice Asus touchscreen laptop (i5, 16GB RAM, 2GB nVidia GPU, 32GB MMS, 750GB HDD & USB 3, not bad for AUD$900 ) that had been installed with Windows 8 so it came with the MS Product Key (or whatever they call the bloody thing now) preinstalled. The 25 character key is no longer hidden under the battery for safekeeping but is now hardcoded into the UEFI BIOS or so I am informed by tech support. So, if I have to reinstall the software, Windows 8, the Key is automatically detected and Windows will magically activate. Well so they say.

    Anyway, I get given this very nice laptop which the Owner had on my advice, Upgraded to Windows 8.1 using the MS bouncing ball method so nothing would go wrong. Imagine my surprise when I get physical possession of this delightful device and find that Windows 8.1 is NOT activated. Took me a while (actually it didn’t but it reads better if it did) to activate the machine using methods that I should not have had to use.

    After that it still appeared to be running slow so a decided, in consultation with the owner, to take it back to Factory Default and start from scratch. I like Asus devices, I really do, but their Recovery process leaves a lot to be desired. I followed the recovery steps (after RTFM of course) only to find it was detecting Windows 8.1 and would not offer a Windows 8 Recovery option from its Recovery Partition. I do so hate them not offering physical Recover Media anymore. Have to contact Asus and see what the cost of the physical Recovery Media is.

    This is not a post to ask for a solution but rather to see if anyone else has had a similar issue. Curiosity value only. Thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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