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    I see by reports from friends and IT News Windows 8 it a bit of a disaster, no wonder few are being sold and MS are forced to offer ver 8.1 for free soon. It seems the MS nerds in their wisdom decided as below to hide all the menus especially the all important START. Apparently some menus only show if like magic you drag the cursor off a corner of the screen. What a wonderful idea to help complete novices???? The Mac and Linux users with desktops full of helpful icons must be laughing their heads off!! It seems even new icons that do show with Win 8 vanish after awhile!! Thanks goodness I do not have it installed

    I have enough trouble with Windows 7.

    So can someone please tell me what does show on a default desktop, my elderly novice friend does somehow manage to send me emails, but can never find where my attachments disappear when he saves them! Perhaps unlike previous sensible versions of Windows because he has little control where attachments are saved.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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