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    Hi all, first time poster, long time reader. I have an issue that I’m completely stumpped on and I have always found great answers here. So here goes… put your thinking caps on.

    I have a client with a multi-server network. The core is powered with a SBS2008 server and has a few server 2008 and server 2003 boxes all joined to PDC.

    About 30 workstations, 27 XP and 3 Windows 7 Pro’s. All of the XP machines are fine. All of the W7 boxes start to exhibit Internet issues if joined to the domain.

    My test which I can duplicate and tells me if the problem exists or not: I try to install Java. I can download the initial Java installer, but as soon as I launch it and it goes out to download the rest of the installer, the time will start off at 5 mins remaining, and slowly climb up to 45-50 minutes remaining, and will eventually freeze and quit working.

    Internet browsing is ok but downloading is hit or miss. Sometimes a 2 mb file will download, sometimes not. Anything larger and no way.

    Same problem on the SBS Box; same test, try to install Java. Freeze

    Its an old Cisco router at the front end. I’ve tried replacing it and it doesn’t help.

    XP machines don’t have the same issue, nor do the Server 2003 boxes.

    I have checked everything. SBS best practices analyzer shows nothing. DCDIAG NETDIAG no problems. DNS is perfect, tried with forwarders and without. Tried with new forwards, ISP’s DNS and, no help.

    If I unjoin the W7 machines from the domain it seems to get better. I haven’t tested my Java test without being joined to the domain lately, but originally it didn’t help.

    I’m stuck. I have no clue what to do. I thought it may be Windows Firewall since SBS forces it on, so I modified policy to disable and did so. No better.

    I unchecked “Enable Integrated Windows Authentication” under advanced tab on IE, but then realized that the Java test has NOTHING to do with IE settings, so it has to be something else.

    I’ve tried static IP address on the machine with public DNS server instead of the SBS box. No help.

    I’ll gladly buy the beer for everyone if we can figure this out. I really don’t want to go out and buy a “Golden Microsoft Ticket” but I’m almost to that point. This is a network that someone else set up and I’m taking over, so I don’t know all of the history on it. I can also tell you that the person who did set it up had no clue what he was doing. There are a ton of users in AD but only 1 in the SBS console. Several other things that clued me in that he may know PC’s but has no clue about server.

    Help!!!! I promise I’ll help out around here too.

    Thanks and nice to meet everyone.

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