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    I recently had problems with a BSOD. I was able to fix the underlying cause using chkdsk, but this got me nervous. So I am thinking of starting a program of periodically creating system images of my laptop – both the C & D drives – so that I could restore my system in the event of hardware failure. Make sense?

    I have some questions to make sure that I understand the underlying System Image creation & recovery process.

    (0) Should I plan to use the Windows image creation & recovery process, or am I better off with a third party product?

    (1) Am I correct that when I restore from a system image of both C & D drives, that both drives are **totally** recreated?
    – Note that ‘C’ has the OS and some software I installed that can only be installed on C, while ‘D’ has my files plus software I installed that gave me the option on whether to install to C or D.

    (2) Does the recovery include the registry, and also licenses for Microsoft products?

    (3) Will I still have a legal copy of Windows 7 when I restore using the system image?

    (4) Should I make sure that I have a repair disk before I restore from system image? If so, is the purpose of the repair disk to boot the computer when I restore the image?

    (5) Is it necessary to periodically recreate a repair disk? Or once a repair disk is created, it is good for any future repair that may be needed?

    (6) Now for an open-ended question: Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

    Thank you.

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