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    I’ve been going round and round on the web trying to find out about the 4GB limit on Windows, but I’m not 100% having seen some arguments about what it means and if/how to get around it.

    I have an XP Pro workstation with 4GB ram in it, of which it can see around 3.5GB. I’d like to squeeze out the remaining half a gig since I’m running Virtual PCs on this box.

    I also have some 2003 Servers that may need more than 4GB of ram (Opterons running 32-bit 2003 Server).

    1. Does the /PAE boot switch only work on Intel processors or AMD as well?
    2. Does the /PAE boot switch work on XP Pro or just on Windows Servers?
    3. Does the /PAE switch allow you to use more than 4GB physical ram on a 32-bit OS?
    4. Can regular apps use more than the 4GB of ram if /PAE is used? (eg. Virtual PC, Vfox etc)

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