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    Having a bit of a challenge with Windows 2000 server on an older Tiger 200 S2505 machine which I just recently acquired. I’m trying to save the software if I can but I can’t get past the log in administrator’s p/w panel. I’ve been reading up on how to get by the pass p/w here at your site. A solution that seems most applicable to my case, (a server software, active directory controller) is John Simpson’s solution; changing the machine administrator account to “no password” (or just turning it off). Then reboot w/ F8 to get to “Directory Service recovery mode” via command line. At this point John’s and my reality separate to some degree. Once “Directory Service recovery mode” is entered I get two more options to select, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Setup. Selecting Microsoft Windows 2000 Server gets me to the Administrator’s log in but with no success of getting to the machine administrator account. I’m stuck at the log in once again! Entering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Setup, gets me to to a command line stating, “Microsoft Windows 2000 could not start up because the following file is missing or is corrupt: (windows 2000 rootsystem32ntoskrnl exe. Re-install a copy of the file” ) So the up-shot here is that I can’t seem to get to first base even though I have turned off the machine’s administrator account. Any ideas where to go next?

    Thanks in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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