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    Ok here’s the situation, we have a Windows 2003 Server Running Exchange 2003, and this server also acts as a host for folder redirection of user’s “My Documents” folder (don’t ask it was setup by my predecessor and mgmt wants to keep it for some reason).

    So this machine will just randomly stop responding to any connection requests on any port. It usually starts with someone not being able to access their my documents folder, then connections to Exchange drop, and finally you can’t even RDP to the box or use the management console to connect.

    When I log into the box, there are no associated errors in the event log, nothing is eating up CPU or Memory, but I will have several users that have 500-5000 active sessions open. I’ve tried clearing out all of the sessions, but no new sessions are allowed to connect until after a reboot.

    Anyone ever see a situation like this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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