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    Hi all.


    I’m in my last year of ict.
    28th of March I’ve got Windows 2003/2008 Server Exam.

    For that exam I need a working 2003 server with exchange.
    (full on vmware)
    We have to use the vm that we’ve created in the class.

    But now i’ve somehow managed to make a typo when changing my password, although i always ONLY use [email protected] or Admin123.

    I guess i most have mistyped it 2 times by changing the password.
    (there is no problem concerning azerty or qwerty..)

    Anyway, this is not a LIVE server, everything is .local and for studying purpose.
    But i can’t risk to just create a new one and hope it will work with exchange etc…

    I do have a snapshot, but it’s without the complete exchange installation.

    I did try this one:

    reset domain admin password in windows server 2003 ad
    (i cant post links under 5 posts..)

    everything goes well untill its says:

    “Restart Windows normally, SRVANY will run the NET USER command and reset the domain admin password.”

    just before step 3.

    SO when i finish adding the key in regedit, i just restart the server normally like the manual says.

    I dont think SRVANY can run the net user command because when the server has rebooted it asks for a login..

    Or does the net user command run without being logged in?

    So, even if the net user command did run without loggin in, i still can’t log in with the new set password which i set in the regedit key.. (which is [email protected])

    Also, when i reboot then, i cant get into the F8 menu (choose boot option), i have to revert to my latest snapshot in order to get the F8 function during the boot proces to work again..

    If u want i can post screenshots from my register changes, but i think its correct..

    So i’m kinda stuck here :s
    I really need that virtual machine for my exam..

    I hope you can understand my problem, sorry for my bad english!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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