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    Hello folks,

    I have installed a Microsoft Windows 2003 server on a system and this server is configured as a domain controller with Active Directory. When users logon to the domain, I want them automatically be logged on to a shared drive on the server in this case the same domain controller. Normally when people log on to the domain their path is C:Documents and Settingssample. I want to change this path to the network folder for data integrity for the loss and recovery of the data. I also want them to not be able to save any data on the local drive C:. Is it doable? I appreciate your detailed response about this. Do I have to have a logon script? If yes what the logon script is and where in the server can I apply it? I also have heard that roaming profile makes the network very slow because of synchronizations every time people shutdown and restart their systems. Thank you for all your help.

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