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Windows 2000 NT password help

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    Good morning everyone,

    I have some issues with a donated laptop from an office… sounds sketchy but hear me out.

    I am currently in Ghana on a 4 month volunteer placement. The people and the location are beautiful, but the computer I am using is not.

    I got it donated from my mom’s office, and it was super useful for the first two months, and I downloaded all of my pics and kept all of my blogs on it.

    However a few weeks ago, Windows started to warn me that my password would soon expire. Nothing out of the ordinary. I had been logging in each time by using the login ‘user’ and keeping the password field blank.

    I assumed I could keep the password blank afterwards and so I let it expire, and give me the warning: “Your password has expired and must be changed”. I went to hit enter when it asked for the new password, and I got the message: You do not have permission to change the password.

    I assumed this to mean that I needed to login as admin to change it, so I tried that, keeping the password blank hoping there wouldn’t be one, and sure enough there is. So Now I can’t get onto it, and I cant change the password either.

    I tried calling the office, and apparently they just pulled this ancient device out of storage, so they are clueless as to what the password could be. The IT guy is gone for a few weeks on honeymoon as well. Just my luck.

    I have read the ideas and advice on this and other forums, and I am going to try that, but I was wondering what other options I have. The computer has a CD and USB drive, but no floppy. I don’t know too much about computers and have no access to blank CDs, etc, to make the boot CD, so my options are limited.

    Any advice would be really helpful, and I will return in a few weeks next time i have access to the internet. Thank you in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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