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    Most users in this sub simply aren’t going to need W10 Pro, and can use W10 Home instead.

    W10 Pro is mainly targeted at small businesses who aren’t using the volume licensed enterprise version yet. It does add a few features, but they are things that really shouldn’t affect home users.
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    The additional features are:

    • The ability to join a Domain network, and some related technologies like Group Policy, that go along with that. (Requires an Active Directory server to take advantage of) [MOD EDIT SPAM LINK DELETED]
    • The ability to be remote controlled through Windows Remote Desktop (There are alternatives, like Teamviewer, that are arguably better, and free for home use)
    • Bitlocker whole disk encryption (Requires TPM hardware on the motherboard, there are free, open source alternatives like Veracrypt, that don’t have additional hardware requirements).
    • Hyper-V (Tons of alternatives like VMWare, Docker, etc) [MOD EDIT SPAM LINK DELETED]

    Raises ram limit from 128GB on Home all the way up to 2TB (Most consumer motherboards can’t support even the 128GB anyway).
    do you guys agree?

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