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    Hi all,

    ok, here’s a good one for the real pro’s out there:

    client-server domain:
    out of approx. 45 client pc’s authenticated on the domain network some of these keep losing internet connection, however they are still connected to the network and email functionality is fine.
    We have 6 designers who all work locally rather than RDS. Geographically they are all in the same area. When this issues happens it often (but not always) affects them all for a similar period of time.
    Their network connections pass-through our LG phone system as they are connected via PoE switches, so that the cat5e cable goes from pc > phone > floor plate > PoE switch > gigabit switch > servers.
    As a test i took one pc connection and routed it straight into the floor plate, thus by-passing the LG phone and switch. This floor plate goes into a completely different switch, yet is still suffers intermittent internet issues.
    All our ports were fluke tested and the failed ones have been replaced and now achieve good passes.
    The only common denominator ‘seems’ to be that it affects windows 7 pro x64 machines. However, just about everybody else work via RDS so they wouldn’t necessarily know if their (mainly xp pro) desktop was losing internet connection.
    I can’t make head or tail of it, as its seems so random.
    I do think that it affects the designers in the same area purely because they all work locally on win7 machines.
    Other than that i’m at a loss. I’ve had the same issue with my 7 pro x64 pc and i’m on a different floor to them.
    When this happens i cannot ping websites by Name or IP, so that rules out DNS issues (i think).
    I’ve yet to check the event logs as the designers growl at me when i try to get near their computers. :-(

    Anyone got any ideas what could be going on? I’m the sole I.T. admin in the company and as much as i know (or don’t know compared to others) i’m at a loss.
    so any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks :-P

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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