Win7 clients randomally disconnects from 2003srv. Can ping everything but the server.

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    Hi guys!

    This is a very interesting situation:

    A Client of ours has a network with two 2003 DC’s. one of them has some shares and a small DB on it and the other one is just a BDC. Both of them holds DNS roles.
    The client computers are mixed winXP and win7.
    Last week users workstations suddenly began disconnecting from the main server during work. disconnecting means cannot ping the server, though no problem pinging other network devices such as the router, or connecting to the internet.
    In order to fix this, the user has two options that one of them will solve the issue almost always:
    1. take the network cable out of the wall and return it in.
    2. “Diagnose” on the network connection.

    After performing one of those, Ping will return normal and the user can keep working again for 5-30 minutes till it happens again.

    I’ve searched the whole net trying to find a clue.
    I’ve tried giving reservation to the stations on the DHCP (on main server), DCDIAG and NETDIAG returned no failures, replaced swithces, disabled IPv6 on clients, scanning logs, updating server and clients, scanned for viruses, upgrade network card drivers on both sides (even though it happens on different computers), checking for infrastructure problems and many other directions, nothing helped.

    the most interesting thing I’ve found is that the problem only happens on stations with win7. winxp stays connected all time, even if i connect them instead of one of the problematic win7 stations.

    Anyone ever seen or heard of this issue? any ideas?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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